Thursday, August 30, 2007

Zubik See Women Bishops in Our Future

Bishop Zubik of Green Bay is on his way out to Pittsburgh, but while in Green Bay he appeared to have a good time. According to a June 26th comment on, Zubik put his miter on this girl confirmand and said: "It is never too early to plant the seed of ordination." Then they compare him to a flag burner and then somehow jump to the Arian heresy of the early church.

Assuming that what they are stating about the event actually happened, I'm sure it was in good fun. I never got the sense that Zubik was a flaming liberal like the anti-Vatican II web page Traditio would like to paint him. According to their web site, the last Pope that they recognized was John XXIII. It's odd how different the same picture can seem to two different people. I see Zubik the conservative who courageously spoke out about immigration issues and was willing to have fun with a confirmand, and they see Zubik the flaming pinko liberal who's bringing God's church to the brink of hell fire and damnation.

In any case, I really like this picture, I only wish that the quality was better.

A Faithful Catholic


Dad29 said...

I'd be surprised if Bp. Zubic was some kind of radical, too. Based on the liturgical praxis in his Cathedral, he's a right-center kinda guy.

Anonymous said...

I agree with dad29, which I think is a first!