Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Karen Marie Knapp, RIP

On the Catholic blog, Against the Grain, I noticed that Karen Marie Knapp passed away. She wrote the blog From the Anchor Hold. I did not know her, but read her blog regularly. I didn't always agree with her viewpoint, but I felt that it was always well thought out and heart felt. As did Against the Grain, I will post her last request:

"I live alone. I have no kin less than a full day's drive away. I'm chronically ill with a disease that is incurable and fatal. Though I am doing all the things I need to do to collect on the '15 to 20 years of medically manageable symptoms', such as taking all my medicines, doing my physical therapy, using my oxygen, and so on, the fact is that I could easily be Called at any time. And the first notice of my passing, when my body finally stops working entirely, is very likely to be a blaring loudspeaker just like the one in the cafeteria this noontime, at some hospital or skilled nursing facility. I hope that when my time comes, and the loudspeakers start hollering about my room, that there is someone who takes pity on me and prays for me. It's on that list of the Things Catholics Do, the Works of Mercy: Pray for both the living and the dead."

A Faithful Catholic

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