Monday, August 13, 2007

Rev. Alice M. Iaquinta?

Documents coming from Rome can seem bleak at times, but there is definitely a sense of pride in knowing that yet another woman has been ordained from Southeastern Wisconsin. I think when all is said and done, the Church of Milwaukee & St. Francis Seminary might make an impressive footnote in the story about how the Roman Catholic Church finally came to accept the ordination of women.

According to a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article on Saturday, Alice Iaquinta was to be ordained yesterday in the Twin Cities by a female bishop. This female bishop was formerly ordained a bishop in secret by a group of male bishops in good standing with Rome and thus allowing these brave women to take part in the "apostolic succession" that is so important to Rome's definition of Church (I peripherally touched on this in a post a few entries down).

In any case, I am very proud to say that I once had the opportunity to meet Alice and found her charming, engaging, intelligent, and thoughtful. Perhaps sadly, I think she knows more about the Catholic Tradition than many of the priests ordained today. I think she will make a wonderful addition to Roman Catholic priesthood. Congratulations Alice!!!

A Faithful Catholic


Dad29 said...


You cost me a keyboard with that one!

Terrence Berres said...

"Perhaps sadly, I think she knows more about the Catholic Tradition than many of the priests ordained today."

Very sadly, if true. Looks like I'll have to double-check that my Sunday School students don't share her misconception of apostolic succession, see, e.g., Catechism 815.

Anonymous said...

You must know a different Alice Iaquinta than I do... I find her to arogant, selfish,hipercritacal and unable to hold a relationship unless it revolves around her.

The Catholic Church paid for her education so that she could help out as a decon, she knew full well what she was getting into.. then she joins a cult type church who fill her head with "crap" and she turns her back on her faith..

Well thats typacal "Alice" for you, If she doesn't get exactly what she wants then the "hell with you"