Thursday, September 6, 2007

Mother Teresa Was Normal

The last couple weeks has seen Mother Teresa as a news item. She's become the media's poster child for doubt. But any Christian whose faith has seen any amount of adult development knows from experience that what she went through was normal. I wish she would have stated these revelations of doubt publicly while she was alive, because I think it would have been tremendously powerful. And it could have helped so many Christians that find themselves in doubt, but feel guilty about it because they somehow think it's their fault. There is this sense that the Mother Teresa's of the world know all the answers and are so certain of everything, but our faith is a living struggle in the search for truth and relationship with our God. Dry spells are part of the territory. Hopefully it is not always a duration 40 years long. I could give a list of reasons why I think spiritual dryness can be helpful to our spiritual life, but I would be grasping. All I know is that in some ironic way, it has helped to deepen my faith in God and the message of God's Word, Jesus.

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