Sunday, November 18, 2007

Weakland Playing Cards!!! Collect them All!!!

A while back a I happened upon one of these "prayer" cards. I know that at times I have been critical of Archbishop Dolan, but I have never mass-produced any prayer cards for his immediate removal. This is one of my problems with a particular brand of conservative Catholics. Their reason is always: "The Pope said so," "The bishop said so," "Canon Law said so," until of course the pope, bishop, or canon law disagrees with what they think. I also cannot stand liberals who quote the pope to make their case before conservatives. It indicates to me that the intellectual well has dried up.

To be honest, at times I wish we did have a different bishop, but as my initial blog states, the larger problem is the way in which the Catholic Church is currently structured. It now gives too much power to pope and bishop - whether liberal or conservative. There's an old story of a milk corporation with a great boss who is getting his workers to organize a union. One of the workers says to him, "Why are you having a union organized? You are a great owner. No one has a problem with your management." The owner wisely said to the worker, "While that may be true, I will not always be the owner."

A Faithful Catholic


Terrence Berres said...

Though you haven't advocated any bishop's removal, there was your pre-emptive strike.

Dad29 said...

Never saw one of those "prayer cards," and never saw the engraved-in-stone lies you reproduced, either.

We all know that certain Bishops "interpret" things any way they want.

Others, like Bp Bruskewitz, actually read and understand the canons--and act accordingly.

(Oh yeah, the civil laws, too...)

Terrence Berres said...

"I had said yes to the appointment [as Archbishop of Milwaukee] with my lips but not with my heart. I thought it was the worst decision I had ever made."
--Archbishop Weakland, quoted in 'The Education of an Archbishop' (1992) by Paul Wilkes, p. 34

Looks like he had finally persuaded the folks with the prayer card to agree.