Monday, November 12, 2007

Pope Benedict Endorses My Blog!

In a recent address to Italian students, Pope Benedict stated that the search for truth and faith are not mutually exclusive. In fact, "it is precisely the steady courageous search for the truth that opens the doors to faith." That's what this whole blog has been about: the search for truth without compromise. I find that some Catholics would like to compromise my thoughts with anti-intellectual epitaphs such as: "The Pope said so..." "The Pope is the authority..." "This Vatican document states..." "Canon Law states..." and so on and so on.

Benedict questioned the belief of some "that whoever has faith must renounce an unencumbered search for truth." That is one of the main reasons for my remaining Catholic: the strong intellectual tradition. Sure, in the process, those great heralds of a thinking Catholicism such as Aquinas and Newman will often find themselves wrongly condemned or chided, but in the end the Catholic Church will bless them and thank them.

A Faithful Catholic


Dad29 said...


Just as naturally, doctrine and dogma are distinct from discliplines--sorta like laws are not Constitutions.

Glad you brought it up!

Terrence Berres said...

"That's what this whole blog has been about: the search for truth without compromise."

So you wouldn't rule out that fideism could be true?

Faithful Catholic said...

Since the basis of fideism is not to use reason (not to search for truth)on our faith journey, but emphasizes blind acceptance without rational thought, I believe it was rightly condemned by the Catholic Church.