Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Listecki Continues His Republican Rhetoric

On the Archdiocesan blog, Milwaukee Archbishop Jerome Listecki has recently posted two entries concerning the U.S. bishops Fortnight for Freedom initiative.  Basically, the bishops are trying to raise awareness about religious freedom during the two weeks leading up to the Fourth of July.  When the bishops first announced this initiative, they mentioned two issues in particular: the contraception mandate and the rights of immigrants.  The bishops obviously chose these two topics so that they would not appear to be only bashing Democrats.

As can be expected from his previous comments against unions, Listecki is using the Fortnight to focus solely on abortion and contraception.  Regarding the bishops' focus on immigrant rights, Listecki is silent.  Considering that Obama just published a new immigration mandate, the Supreme Court ruled on Arizona's immigration law, and Palermo Pizza's largely immigrant work force is striking and trying to form a union, it is strange that Listecki has not commented on any of these issues.

There is, of course, one strong reason he has left immigrant issues out of his statements.  He is a Republican who does not want to support any Democratic initiative even when it is supported by papal teaching.  I hope that Listecki proves me wrong, but so far his words and actions have spoken for themselves.

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