Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Listecki Turns Agasint Labor... and Shows he is a Republican

Archbishop Jerome Listecki talked politics recently with the news people of Channel 6 in Milwaukee  Last year, after Walker introduced his plan to get rid of collective bargaining for public unions, Listecki issued a letter about the need to protect unions.  Now he is backpedaling.  Word on the street is that he got a lot of flack from conservative and wealthy Catholics regarding his letter last year.  In this recent interview, he admires Walker for doing what he thinks is right, though time will tell.  That's simply throwing  union workers under the bus.  He admits that a recall is valid for a politician if they do something morally detrimental.  Obviously, trouncing on workers' rights does not count.  Now if you are talking about Democrats such as Obama and Nancy Pelosi - he has multiple attacks and critiques. In fact, some their actions cannot stand.

He denies being a Republican or Democrat... he's a Catholic.  But in his interview he attacks the ideas of Democrats and respects ideas of Republicans that clearly defy Catholic teaching, but... "time will tell."  To try and and save face, he goes on at length about his worker background in Chicago.  While that may be true, that was a long time ago.  He is no longer blue collar - he's a land speculator

Archbishop Listecki,  We need to support working families so that they will be less inclined to be tempted by the sin of abortion, which you view as the greatest evil of the day.  Living in the Milwaukee area, it might be nice to add racism as a sin from time to time.  Racism in a major issue for Milwaukee that even the Cardinal of New York mentions it from time to time. 

Tomorrow's reading from James has him telling his readers:

"Are not the rich oppressing you?
And do they themselves not haul you off to court?
Is it not they who blaspheme the noble name that was invoked over you?"

Now James does not say the Church should abandon the rich.  But woe to the rich.  Archbishop, do not forget to save some harsh words for them and perhaps your own portfolio.

A Faithful Catholic

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