Thursday, January 7, 2010

Listecki's Legacy for Milwaukee

Here is Milwaukee Archbishop Listecki's first homily text.

A few thoughts...

Listecki first defines a bishop as "the link between the particular church which is entrusted to him in hierarchical communion with the Universal Church." This is a distortion of Vatican II teaching and early Catholic thought (e.g. St. Augustine). As with our previous archbishop, Listecki sees himself, basically, as a papal representative. Although there is obviously a meaningful unity with the Church of Rome, Vatican II stressed the individual bishop, more in partnership with Rome and less as a link in a chain of command. This is another step backward for our Church and for our Archdiocese.

In his homily, church teaching was equated with papal teaching. This raises numerous questions about who is the Church and how can we be so certain that the Pope is always right? Vatican II wanted to engage the world: Listecki pauses before the great divide between the secular and the religious realm. The sexual abuse scandal and the numerous cover-ups should make clear that the religous realm is not as distinct from the secular realm as Listecki would like to think.

Lastly, he stated, "His Holiness, Benedict the XVI has made his selection and I accept his decision as God’s will." Equating the Pope's decision with God's will without any good reason is a scary proposition. Listecki, himself, states that there are many others more qualified to be archbishop of Milwaukee. Was it God's will that Benard Law go to Boston? Or for you conservatives, Was it God's will that Weakland spend over two decades in Milwaukee?

I will try my hardest to give Listecki a chance, but arrogance is a terrible thing. I do not usually get along with people that KNOW God's will.

A Faithful Catholic


CatholicSoldier said...


You aren't giving him the benefit of the doubt because you fundamentally disagree with Catholic Teaching. What his homily clearly underlined was he recognizes his role within the Catholic Church and his responsibilities as pastor to it.

You misunderstand Vatican II, because Vatican II didn't take away the primacy of the Bishop of Rome. The other Bishops, as clearly underlined by their oaths in the Conclave, follow the lead of the Pope. As Bishop of Rome he is the first among equals, but in his role as Pope, he is the Vicar of Christ and Christ's Church.

Papal Teaching is Church Teaching in that the Pope teaches in accordance with the Magisterium of the Church. You vehemently disagree with the Church, but that does not change what the Church teaches on the nature of the Church, moral theology, etc. Yes, Vatican II sought to engage the world, but not by caving into the world as many of the liberal protestant sects you so admire have done. Rather, Vatican II sought to ensure that the Church engaged the world by preaching to Truth of Christ and His Church.

As for his statement on Pope Benedict's will being God's will, it was perhaps a poor choice of words. But, perhaps God did put Weakland in Milwaukee for a reason, so that Dolan and Listecki could bring about a rebirth.

"Pruned it Grows"

Dad29 said...

There is no doubt in my mind that it was God's will that Rembert be here.

THAT caused a LOT of Catholics to actually read Church teachings and documents. Probably one of the greatest awakenings in Milwaukee history.

And, by the way, if it were NOT God's will that List'ki be here, he would NOT be here.

night said...
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