Monday, October 13, 2008

The Economics of Gays

Open any newspaper almost anywhere in the world and the big topic and worry of the day is the economy. But what seems to be really worrying some Connecticut bishops is gay marriage. You would think at a time when this world is possibly having the worst economic meltdown in its history, that bishops might choose to address that issue. Other than gay marriage, which is a good thing (because marriage is a good thing), our world's capitalistic system seems to be a having a meltdown. This would seem the perfect time for pope and bishops to be chiming in with their words of wisdom regarding the evils of capitalism and how this could be an opportunity for real change. Instead, the hierarchy is eerily silent (maybe they are only really good at talking about abortion and gay marriage) at this time when rethinking our economic system is perhaps more in order than throwing trillions of dollars at it on a global scale.

A Faithful Catholic


Dad29 said...

Acts against nature are "good" things, eh?

I'd rather have a financial meltdown, thanks.

Jack said...

The poor old bishops. Trying so hard to protect their positions by downplaying all sex. I imagine some of the old boys have committed a few "acts against nature." Jack

Dad29 said...

Oh, no question about it, Jack.

One famous example lives right here in Milwaukee.

CatholicSoldier said...

While the excesses of Capitalism certainly are evil, I believe that the Church has condemned Socialism and Communism in even greater terms.

Faithful Catholic said... has one story on the financial crisis, regarding how the Vatican Bank is okay.