Monday, October 20, 2008

Bishop Oblivious to Church Teaching

Many of the US bishops seems to be up-to-date on magisterial teaching on gays and abortion, but in these hard economic times, Bishop Joseph F. Martino of Scranton, Pa., is following Wal-Mart's lead by union-busting.

Even though the right of workers to organize is clearly spelled out in Leo XIII's Rerum Novarum, John XXIII's Pacim in Terris, and numerous documents of John Paul II, Martino has refused to recognize his teacher's union, which had been recognized by bishops in Scranton for over 30 years. And to add insult to injury, the Vatican Congregation for Catholic Education, which the group had appealed to, responded by saying that Martino did not break canon law. If that is not a sign of the legalism which infects our Catholic Church, then we need a new definition for legalism. It's simply shameful.

A Faithful Catholic


Dad29 said...


Whatever you say.

And you undoubtedly have detailed knowledge of the situation sufficient for you to render a judgment.

Faithful Catholic said...

You must not know the teaching either. It's one thing for the bishop to not come to terms on a contract, it's another thing to say that your union is no longer recognized. But it is obvious from your website that you are a cafeteria Catholic just like me.

Dad29 said...


I'm well acquainted with the encyclicals of Leo XIII and JPII.

Unionization is allowed, but like anything else, there are conditions attached.

You DO know, precisely, the history of the situation, right?

Otherwise, you are on thin ice.

Jack said...

I guess we all are "cafeteria catholics." The difference is, dad29 only "eats" one item in the cafeteria line: abortion and, I guess, contraception. Even those who reject almost all catholic teachings, not just social justice teachings, like McCain, the Baptist, are sanctified by dad29. That's what I call a real catholic. Jack

Dad29 said...

Gee, Jack--are you sure that's all of your first name?

Or did you drop three letters somewhere along the line?

Note: I'm just picking up your ad-hominem style. You're a good teacher, Jack^%$

Jack said...

Dad29, as per usual you didn't answer a point I made. Sort of like you ducked my earlier point on McCain, where you obviously did not have the b...s to admit you were wrong. From now on I shall refer to you as "The queen of bloggers." This fits you because you are always talking about how tough you are. A typical trick of the "closet" crowd. Jack

Dad29 said...

Ooohhhhh, turn me on!

By the way, Jack, that "call him a faggot" trick is most often used by queers.

Just so you know, Jack.

Jack said...

dad29, still dodging because you can't answer. Jack

Dad29 said...

Ahhh, projection.

Your only indication of awareness, Jack.

Jack said...

dad29, you're still hiding. Jack