Sunday, February 3, 2008

Real Purpose of Vatican II's Liturgical Reform

A week and a half ago, Richard McBrien (theology professor at Notre Dame) wrote about Archbishop Marini, former master of ceremonies at the Vatican, and Marini's new book: A Challenging Reform: Realizing the Vision of the Liturgical Renewal, 1963-1975. As McBrien states: "[He] challenges those who would, some 40 years later, attempt to undermine those reforms, in opposition not only to Vatican II but to the expressed wishes of Pope Paul VI himself."

Marini, who should know, states that the resistance to the liturgical renewal of Vatican II has very little to do with changes to the vernacular and certain rituals and everything to do with the ecclesiology that these changes represent. This of course being an ecclesiology (theology of Church) of the People of God, priests & laity are equal - together. The old ecclesiology has the priest playing the part of a parent with the laity being the cared for, but simple-minded children. As McBrien states: "Communion is given in the hand because the laity should feed themselves rather than be fed like infants or very young children."

A Faithful Catholic


Terrence Berres said...

On the contrary, the real power stuggle and attempted infantilization are evidenced by such things as the evasive and manipulative answers people often get from parish liturgy teams and the claims that lay people nowadays couldn't derive meaning from words like "consubstantial".

Dad29 said...

FYI, it's not likely that Marini actually wrote that book. THe suspect-in-chief is John Page, disgraced "leader" of ICEL.

As to Marini: he's strictly 1960's.