Saturday, February 16, 2008

Jesus the Christ

I noticed that I don't have an entry yet on who Jesus is for us - hence this entry. Jesus is obviously the reason for every other entry in this blog. In some special way that I cannot comprehend, the Word took flesh in Jesus, the natural born son of Joseph and Mary. Full humanity and full divinity found a place in one person.

Jesus came to remind us of God's grace, that is God's unending and ineffable love for us - most radically displayed in his crucifixion. In the resurrection of Jesus there is a radical hope - all things, however bad and gloomy, will be made new. It is made new because this is not a raising of the dead as with Lazarus, Jesus has a new body and even his own disciples do not readily recognize him.

On par with that love & hope that we find in the crucifixion and resurrection, is Jesus' example of a life lived in a truly human way. He teaches us what it is to be truly human. As the Eastern Churches say: God became human in order that humans may become divine. And as we are made in the image and likeness of God, it is truly divine to live out our humanity as Christ showed us. Jesus lived his message of the Kingdom of God. A Kingdom that reached out to all, no matter what a person's state in life. The only people we find Jesus regularly having a problem with are religious fanatics that think they have all the answers.

May God keep us humble.

-A Faithful Catholic


Terrence Berres said...

Re: the illustration,

a) Mug shot from archives of Procurator of Judaea;

b) Something dramatically shorter by Nick Arosio;

c) Reaction to timing of claim that He "is obviously the reason for every other entry in this blog".

Faithful Catholic said...

The BBC put together what a 1st century Jew in Palestine would look like using skulls from the period mixed with computer technology. Jesus could of looked just like this man.