Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Zubik on Immigration

I saw today that Bishop Zubik of the Diocese of Green Bay put out a statement asking the Common Council of Green Bay to "vote against any initiative that would require documentation of residency for those seeking business licenses and prohibiting businesses from employing undocumented immigrants."

I'm very happy with his stance, and thought I should give him the recongnition that he deserves, but from now on I plan on making this blog limited to more in-house church issues. For the most part I do not have a problem with Catholic social teaching as such, but I do not want to make this a blog where I complain about our Archbishop, Timothy, not condemning the war in any substantial way. To his credit, he attended an ecumencial prayer service for peace a few weeks back. But I will leave that to others, since asking bishops to speak out against the war is not really a controversial in-house Roman Church issue, meaing that no bishop has threatened a politian who chooses to vote against the war with a "communion embargo." For good local information on the Catholic anti-war movement, I suggest checking out Catholics for Peace and Justice.

A Faithful Catholic

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Anonymous said...

Catholics for Peace and Justice is a Catholic in name only organization. They have a section on the death penalty, but not on abortion. It's just a website using parts of Catholic teaching that are in line with a certain political group. They are not faithful Catholics, they are faithful to their political party. A real peace and justice Catholic organization would focus on all human rights issued, just not ones that also fall in line with a political party. Show me a Catholic organization that focuses on abortion, war, the death penalty, euthanasia, and all human rights violations. Catholics for Peace and Justice's failure to prominently oppose abortion, which kills more people than the death penalty and the Iraq war combined, shows that they are not focused on peace and justice, but on making money. They do not want to offend any potential supporters/donors by taking an ethical stand on an issue many people fail to understand. It's a sign of weakness to be silent on a horrible human rights abuse. It is ashame that Catholic organizations like this one refuse to be consistent and instead give into the illogical right/left political ideologies.