Tuesday, May 22, 2007

More Latin in Our Future!?

It looks like Benedict is preparing a document for allow greater use of the Latin Mass in the Roman Catholic Church. Personally, I am fine with that. The more diversity, the better. It's an important part of our tradition. I just wish that there was greater freedom granted to the current vernacular Mass. Every time there is word of a new Mass change or lectionary translation change, I have to take a deep breath, because they usually lead to something less progressive. The changes are usually throwbacks to more literal, less understandable translations; or they pontificate changes that demean the laity and deify the priest, because it seems that some bishops are concerned that the laity can not tell who the priest is, even though he's the only man wearing a dress.

So, like I said, I am all for more diversity in our liturgy styles. I just wish that the Vatican would pander to the progressives a little more (or at all) and not just worry about bringing the arch-conservative break away churches back into the fold. The greatest growing religion in America, last time I checked, is liberal Catholics becoming something else. It would be nice to try and put a stop to that.

A Faithful Catholic

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