Thursday, March 24, 2011

Marquette Likes Gays and Lesbians Now

Marquette University put out a statement earlier today that beginning in January 2012, the University will extend the same benefits that are currently offered to the spouse of an employee to a same-sex registered domestic partner of an employee. Although the statement does not mention it, this action is obviously in response to the criticism that Marquette received last year for rescinding a job offer to Jodi O'Brien, an openly lesbian professor at Seattle University.

After the disgrace, which can be remembered in a blog entry from last year, Marquette promised to work more diligently to make gays and lesbians more welcome on campus. For a while, it seemed as if Marquette was dragging its feet and not making an substantial moves to make a penance for their terrible actions last year.

Now at last, this is a very substantial contribution toward making up for last year's fiasco. Bravo Marquette!!! It's about time. Maybe there doing this during the season of Lent makes their action more appropriate.

A Faithful Catholic

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