Saturday, November 20, 2010

Pope says condoms okay... sometimes

Based on excerpts from the Pope's new book that is being released on Tuesday, the use of condoms is sometimes acceptable. Although some conservatives are already trying to state that this does not contradict previous papal thought, it most definitely does. Based on English-language excerpts released by the AP, the Pope states that there are exceptions to the Catholic contraceptive ban. He's gives the example of a male prostitute wearing a condom as a step towards being more responsible in transmitting AIDS. I must admit that I find it odd that he used the example of homosexual sex, since this kind of sex does not allow for the possibility of the condom preventing a pregnancy. Nevertheless, from the rest of excerpts, it seems that he also allow for a married couple to use a condom if one of the partners was infected with AIDS.

In another instance, he states that "the basic lines of `Humanae vitae' are still correct." This clearly implies that certain lines of it are wrong. Basically, the pope is still against condoms, but understands that in certain instances there may be exceptions. This means that for the pope: CONDOMS ARE NO LONGER INTRINSICALLY EVIL. Of course, something being intrinsically evil means that an action is always wrong, no matter the circumstances. That is a major shift in thought that has been way too long in coming. I think that this action also justifies the viewpoint that I have shared on this blog in the past: Benedict is much more open-minded and willing to listen to opinions that he does not share than John Paul II. I feel that I am still living a Catholic Wintertime in Milwaukee, but the clouds broke slightly today and let in a glorious ray of light.

A Faithful Catholic


Kathleen said...

I would suggest you re-read (or read) what the pope said, and maybe take Logic 101. He did not say it was morally acceptable; he did not say it was "okay," as you put it. What he said was it is a step in the right direction towards acting with responsibility. I can tell you'd like to justify condom usage, but that's not at all what he's saying.

BTW, you may want to pick up a book like West's "The Good News on Sex and Marriage..." to help you get a better, clearer understanding of Church teaching. A truly "faithful" Catholic would be happy to do so.

CatholicSoldier said...

You certainly are reading as liberal an interpretation into it as possible. Focusing on his specific scenario, he underlines that it is not a good nor a moral choice, but one that given the circumstances, perhaps is a step on the path toward the good and the moral.

To use his specific example of a male prostitute, the Pope argues, if the individual is going to continue in his sin [sex outside of marriage (homosexual actions if that is what is alluded to here)], then for the life with whom he is involved, the condom might offer a utilitarian good in that it recognizes the right to life afforded the individual. The prostitute recognizes the value of human life, which is a step in the direction of a moral good and of a proper understanding for the role of human sexuality. The condom itself is not that good or moral, but the fact that it symbolizes a possible beginning of a reformation of life.

Any other interpretation is an overly hopeful one by someone who wishes for a world precisely where all is permitted, something that the Pope specifically indicates against.

Mark said...

B16 on condoms. Not a big deal. The 'faithful' world wide just ignore the Pope on this issue.Now and historically.Our church is still the anti-sex church. Aquinas:Rape is better than masturbation since the former allows for procreation. Insane.