Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bishop Sklba Resignation is Accepted...

As of yesterday, the resignation that Bishop Richard Sklba had sent to Pope Benedict last month was officially accepted. It seems that he will help out like an auxillary bishop until the end of the year, when a new auxilliary bishop will most likely be appointed.

As with Archbishop Weakland, Sklba's legacy will be tainted. He was/is a biblical scholar who saw no reason that St. Mary Magdalene could not be considered an apostle. He is also known for his thoughtful homilies and articles as well as being very generous with the oil of chrism at high school confirmations. He is a man dedicated to peace; he is associated with Pax Christi. He is also a man dedicated to interfaith dialogue, particularly the Catholic-Lutheran dialogue.

Nevertheless, he was also privy scandal, such as knowing about the $450,000 that Archbishop Weakland used as hush money to a former lover and what was going on behind the scenes of the priest sexual abuse scandal in Milwaukee. I wish him well, but also hope that he will do everything in his power to shed a truthful light on the sexual abuse scandal in Milwaukee. As any priest should know, God's forgiveness and healing occur after confession.

A Faithful Catholic


Anonymous said...

As to St. Mary Magdalene as an Apostle . . . except for Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition (which do not consider her an Apostle).

Anonymous said...

Except for Sacred Scripture and Tradition which doesn't consider St. Mary Magdalena an Apostle.