Monday, April 6, 2009

Reiki No More! Reiki Never Again!

Above, I replaced the word war with Reiki in JP II's phrase. It simply is sad that in this time of economic crisis, during this time of war and rocket launch testing, the US bishops are worried about Reiki. Reiki is a type of massage from Buddhist Japan that is supposed to heal a person by focusing the "universal life energy." Hence, they believe that Catholic institutions and its representatives (hopsitals & chaplins) should not practice Reiki.

They find this conept of the universal life energry problematic because they do not believe that it falls into the two acceptable healing methods: divine miracle or natural medicine. They make a good point in stating that at the moment there is no scientific evidence that Reiki heals people, but I think there may be another way to understand the universal life energy. According to Einstein, E=mc2. Everything is energy; it is the basic building block of all life. I am not saying that I support Reiki. I just think that the bishops are wasting their time.

Abortions are on the rise because of the economic crisis. Finance is also the primary reason for divorce in the United States. Maybe if the bishops had that data they might decide to address the issue of the economy.

A Faithful Catholic

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