Monday, March 9, 2009

Public Funding for Embryonic Stem Cell Research

President Obama lifted the ban on public funding for embryonic stem cell research. The embryos used for this type of research are the "leftovers" embryos from the process of in vitro fertilization. The hierarchical magisterium already condemns the process of in vitro fertilization.

This entire process is a difficult situation filled with shades of sketchy morality and the dangers of human farming. In one sense, since the embryos are already there, I would lean towards making use of them towards research. These embryos will never be brought to term and be born (and the Vatican would view it as sinful to do so). On the other hand, there is the danger of mothers being paid to be embryo producers if there would be shortage of in vitro embryos and there should be legislation in place to prevent such embryos from being used.

Ideally, mothers would not opt for in vitro fertilization, but would adopt. Any one reading the newspapers these days can see that the foster care system is in shambles and there is a great need for parents to adopt. There is too much stress over having your own genetic children.

A Faithful Catholic


Dad29 said...

since the Jews are already there, I would lean towards making use of them towards research

Try it that way. Makes just as much sense.

CatholicSoldier said...

Of course, the post has one huge glaring falsehood. There never was a ban on the public funding of embryonic stem cell research. Former President Bush merely limited Federal Funding to those lines already established.

Course, President Bush was wrong, he was too lenient. Embryonic research has yielded zero results, Adult Stem Cell Research on the other hand has proved much more useful.

And since the ends justify the means, how many human lives is it worth to cure cancer:






How about only sick and infirm people?

Where is the line drawn?

Faithful Catholic said...

Obviously there is great importance in deciding who/what is a person. I do not consider an embryo a person. My reticence on the issue is that there is a point where the embryo becomes a person, so great care needs to be taken in this area.

Jews are are persons, but thank you for reminding us Catholics that anti-semitism is wrong.

I do not believe that an embryo is a person because it is only the initial malleable building blocks of what could be a person. Or to follow the line of Augustine and Aquinas - it has no soul, which is integral to being a person.

Jack said...

Obviously one cell is not a person.It does not have a brain,any organs, no limbs etc.-all the things that make us person/human beings. And now for the thousands time: If the Church considers all abortion murder, why is the person who seeks one not to be punished as all other murderers? I know old DAD29 is too feeble to answer this, but try it CS.

CatholicSoldier said...

I noticed no-one answered my assertion that the post starts out with a blatant falsehood, but I am not surprised.

Why is Abortion not punished equally with murder?

First off, in a spiritual way, it is. Pre-meditated murder of a human being is a mortal sin. Abortion is a mortal sin. Remember, the Church got out of the legal realm for a while now (probably ultimately a good thing), to focus on matters spiritual (the point of both Vatican I and Vatican II). Both acts imperil the soul. But like all mortal sins, three things are required for it to be a mortal sin.

1. Grave Matter (the Church considers it a grave matter)
2. Full Knowledge (the individual must know its a grave matter, obviously, the average person probably recognizes the murder of an adult as a mortal sin versus the murder of an unborn child (abortion))
3. Full Consent (even after recognizing the first two points, one chooses to do it anyway)

I think if you go through those three points, you will see that the Church views both acts as Murder, yet the individual who undertakes the action, is more apt to view that murdering the adult is evil versus murdering the infant.

Does that make sense? In essence, the Church is being pastoral.

Dad29 said...

Well, Winter, you can believe whatever you want about 'life' of embryos.

Can you PROVE your disbelief?

Because if you can't, then you have a Prudence Problem, bigtime.

Jack said...


I congradulate you. In 50 years of this debate, you at least tried to answer my question. No one else has ever even tried!! So an accolade for you. HOWEVER, the Church says it is murder. That is a legal term, not a moral term as we use the word.The Church wants to ban abortion IN OUR LAWS because they say it it murder. But apparently NOT murder in a legal sense. So why do they want to change the laws. I have no objection to the Church calling abortion "murder" in their doctrine, but do object to its getting into the legal system, where most are not catholics.

I have no objection to the Church saying cursing God, adultery, masturbation are sins, but I do object to its trying to make laws whih would make these illegal.

But thanks for not being a "candy ass" on this issue like so many Catholics.