Monday, December 1, 2008

Advent in the Midst of Wintertime

Another Church year began with the first Sunday of Advent. Snow is gently falling throughout the Milwaukee Archdiocese. That is very appropriate, considering the name of this blog, Catholic Wintertime in Milwaukee. We await new birth and new life in our world, and especially in our Church. We need a vision that is honest and genuine. That is not the case regarding the response of the Archdiocese to the upcoming child-abuse lawsuits. Every word from the Archdiocese has obviously been filtered through a lawyer to make sure that they do not say anything that will cost them money. That will not promote reconciliation, which is arguably the hallmark of Jesus' ministry.

Then there is the Archdiocesan capital campaign that is going on. All that money is flowing to a special account that will be protected from sexual abuse lawsuits. It all feels very dirty. This is one of those instances where the hierarchical magisterium seems more concerned over money than the people of the diocese, their supposed flock. So I will begin this new year hoping that we can move to a more genuine place as a Church and leave this wintertime behind us.

A Faithful Catholic

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