Monday, September 29, 2008

Tax-Exempt Churches

There was an interesting article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel last Friday about West Bend pastor, Luke Emrich. He is pastor at New Life Church and as reported this morning in the Journal Sentinel, he endorsed John McCain during his sermon. If the IRS goes after his tax-exempt status for doing so, he plans on filing a federal lawsuit against the IRS. Not endorsing candidates has been a concession that churches have given for their tax-exempt status since 1954.

I have mixed feelings about the issue. From a Catholic perspective, since the church is the People of God, I think that it is better for parishioners to make up their own minds. On the other hand, I never understood why churches were tax-exempt in the first place. I realize that taking that tax-exempt status away from churches would put a hit on the parish pocketbook, but tax-exempt status forms a partnership with the U.S. government that could compromise a church's message.

A Faithful Catholic

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Moose Trax said...

These self aggrandizing jerks are rapidly becoming irrelevant and it's driving them crazy. They're addicted to the power they get from controlling their flock of 'tards. These revival tent pharisees love to prance in the media limelight and have phony politicians suck up to them for the votes they promise "deliver" while laughing at them behind their backs. Go ahead, Elmer Gantry, file a suit against the IRS and see where it gets you. Make my day.