Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Proof is in the Sandwich

I guess that there is a Bill Maher movie coming out later this year on religion. It looks like it may raise some good questions about religion. I assume that Maher's face on the sandwich is suppose to signify the "Virgin" Mary being found in water stains in underpasses. Here is the trailer.

A Faithful Catholic


James said...

Bill Maher is certainly within his rights to mock Religion. Catholics might find it nauseating, but our reaction to it is remarkably different from another significant Monotheistic Faith (and I am not referring to the Mormons or the Jews).

Anonymous said...

I love Bill Maher. He grew up with a Catholic father, a Jewish mother and he turned out an Athiest -- quite an "ecumenical" family, I'd say. I disagree with Bill on his contempt for religion but if so many "people of faith" weren't constantly making public fools of themselves it wouldn't be so easy to mock them and religion in general.