Sunday, April 6, 2008

Is Pope's Visit Meaningful?

In a week and a half Benedict will be making his first papal visit to the US. Does it really matter? I have stated in this blog that I believe Benedict to be a much better pope than JPII, but I don't see how this visit will make any difference to Catholic worldwide or in the United States.

I realize that for those who are big on all things pope, that this is a great opportunity to see him, but what's the point otherwise? I think the most meaningful papal trips of the last couple decades have been JPII's trips to Poland, Cuba, and Israel. For all my criticism of JPII, those trips meant something. They have a specific point. Other than it being a nicety, I don't understand Benedict's purpose in coming to the United States. A person checking out Catholic News Service's coverage of the pope's visit would think that the Beatles are coming, not the pope. I suppose I will decipher his reasoning for coming after his trip has occurred.

A Faithful Catholic

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