Sunday, March 16, 2008

An Idiotic Post From Myself*

*The following post is incorrect and totally wrong. It is only being left up as a reminder that to me that this blog and myself are far from perfect. As my above entry states, I am very sorry to Bishop Callahan for the content of this blog entry and for any person I may have misled to think that it was true. It's is utterly false and represents the nonsense that I sometimes type. The original factually incorrect text is as follows:

Milwaukee Auxiliary Bishop Callahan has made it known that he does not want extraordinary Eucharistic ministers at any confirmation ceremonies at which he is presiding. That's special church talk to say that he does not want lay people distributing communion. At each church at which he is performing the confirmations, he is requiring the host church to make sure there are enough priests present (otherwise known as ordinary ministers) so that only priests will be distributing communion.

This is a great insight into the theology of Bishop Callahan. The ordained are there to give... and the lay people are there to receive. This follows the "Theology of the Body" model laid down by John Paul II: men have a penis and hence are the active givers (like priests), women have a vagina and hence are the receptive passive receivers (like lay people).

Though I must admit that after listening to one of Bishop Callahan's homilies on the Archdiocesan website, I think he has theological and intellectual depth, I find his theology of the laity to be distorted, hurtful, and a basic slap in the face that does not properly account for the priesthood of all believers.

A Faithful Catholic


jackjoe said...

What we are seeing in the church is "clergy are the church" and the laity are onlookers, if lucky.

Incidentally, I have been engaged in a lenghthy discussion on "In Today"s News" blog over JP2 idea of the man has the initiator in sex and women as the receiver. It's under the blog's archive from Feb.1 to Feb.29. The discussion appears under post entitled "Has Archbishop Burke Lost It?" Jack

jackjoe said...

Correct that to 1-o1-o8 to Feb. 1, o8 in archive. Jack

Faithful Catholic said...

Thanks for pointing out that page. I'd never seen it before.

Dad29 said...

Obviously, you have only neutered male (gelded) extraordinary ministers in your ideal world, eh?

Or maybe the "Feed my lambs...feed my sheep..." line is meaningless in your worldview.

jackjoe said...

Dear Uncle Fud( or nasty old man). You said you were "old" and "nasty", but now you've gone crazy!!!! Jack

Anonymous said...

Yesterday (March 19), my office received a call regarding content posted on this blog. The caller wondered if the blogger "had it right" on the topic of ordinary and extraordinary ministers of communion, specifically at Confirmation liturgies that Auxiliary Bishop Callahan celebrates. For the record, Bishop Callahan has never said or written that he does not want extraordinary ministers at Confirmation liturgies at which he is the presider.

If you or individuals who read this blog have questions about liturgical practices or Church teaching on the liturgy, I would encourage you to contact my office.

Dean Daniels
Director, Prayer and Worship Office
Archdiocese of Milwaukee

Faithful Catholic said...

Perhaps I'm mistaken, but that is what I heard. I will try and keep track of his upcoming confirmations, and if I am mistaken, I am sorry and will apologize.